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Kelli took a different slant to the magazine opening article, and wrote about "Grandad", who was one of my very favorite I thought I would feature a guest columnist, Hachi P. Brummel. He is a fluffy Pomeranian owned by POST columnist Terri Brummel. Take it away, Hachi!

"Hatchi Happening"

by Hachi P. Brummel

A few days ago I saw the backyard gate was OPEN. Mom was nowhere to be seen. My friend (who sometimes takes care of me) lives close by. I saw no reason at all why I shouldn't go visiting on my own. Running down the middle of the street, oblivious to cars, was of no thought. While barking at my friend's gate, I heard a familiar voice calling, “HACHI, Hachi.” Oh no, the voice was getting closer; Mom was rounding the corner. I'll run really fast on the way home! So fast she can't catch me, I thought. “HACHI P. BRUMMEL, you get home!” Oh NO, she had her pointer finger out. I'll huddle in the corner by the front door and look contrite. I had to stay inside longer than usual. At last, Mom hugged me and said, “Please don't go off on your own without me. I love you and don't want you to get hurt.” Sounds a lot like God's love of us humans, doesn't it?


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