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We believe Winds of Praise is a  ..." God-given dream, that in your lifetime, God was going to do a phenomenal, supernatural, happening that would release unlimited funds, and would release power to transform lives...and that you'd be right in the middle of a scene in which the funding would never be a problem, and the miraculous results will be there" (spoken prophetically February 1997 by Dick Mills).

We are regularly, prayerfully,  asking the Lord to provide for Winds of Praise, as we believe He has promised He will.  Would you join us in prayerful support, and ask Him how you can help with financial support? If you can help, that would be wonderful!

Our FOCUS is NOT on the funding but on the changing of lives.

Winds of Praise Broadcasting, established in 1997, is a 501(c)3 non-profit group that exists to encourage people to worship God in the name of Jesus Christ. We also desire to be used as a tool of the Lord to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to our community locally, regionally, and worldwide.

All donations to Winds of Praise are tax deductible.  We can also accept underwriting funds from businesses who choose to sponsor the Winds of Praise POST, KWPB-lp, and    Please contact us for details for sponsorship. We do believe that God can supernaturally supply all our needs.  He provided daily food from heaven for the Israelite people in the desert, and, documented in the New Testament He provided money to pay taxes from the mouth of a fish.  But we also know that the Lord wants us to help one another.

Should you choose to support the ministry of Winds of Praise, we encourage you to use the secure PayPal link, or if you prefer, mail your check to: Winds of Praise Broadcasting, PO Box 491, Newport, OR 97365

An email with the details of your donation would also be appreciated to

All donations will be acknowledged by receipt. We thank you for blessing Winds of Praise with your finances!
Scott and Kelli Albright, co-founders

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