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But God...

by Steve Skinner with Coleen McNeill

Editor's note: Winds of Praise's Coleen McNeill has been on a ministry conference tour of sorts across the US this summer. A new acquaintance, Steve Skinner, co-authored this article. He is from PA, retired from the Air Force, and is an author.

Taking off from Portland, Oregon shortly before sunrise was splendid. The vista of mountains silhouetted against a variegated but mostly dark sky was a memory maker. And the faint reflections on the Columbia River were such that I was glad I had engaged the autopilot early. I alternated my stares at the Cascadia Subduction Zone beauty below Mounts Hood, Rainier, St Helens, Adams, and Jefferson. This was the most enjoyable flying that could be had without afterburners.

I thought about the Marxist mayhem, marauders, and mad hatters near the Columbia River. Instead of laying over downtown, the company had moved us freight dogs to a hotel close to the airport. As usual, I engaged the van driver for his lay of the land. He mentioned that a woman had sussed out what was going on downtown. She accurately assessed one troublemaker from Antifa who was going to paint the town red and join up with those who were going to paint Portland black and blue. After he parked his ride, and no one was around, she put a “Trump” bumper sticker on his vehicle. She receded to a safe distance where she waited and watched. In time, his vehicle got trashed by those who advocated for black and blue. When he returned, he got into a fight with the marauders who were ruining his ride. Asymmetric warfare at its finest; a woman acting even more cleverly than a covert agent provocateur.

I think the Lord is choosing to engage in asymmetric warfare and care-for, not just in Portland, but in America.

The scourge of time can be calibrated differently in different epochs. Between 2020, when I engaged the autopilot over the Columbia River, and the present, constitutes an epoch, by my reckoning.

This week, I met a lady who is an agent provocateur, from near Portland. She does so by praying. She is a winsome eighty-year-old widow. (I am inclined to think intercessors do double duty as agents provocateurs and forward air controllers.)

She, and a small entourage, were impressed to pray for the children in foster care in Oregon. Afterward, she happened upon information that indicated that LGBTQ-affiliated officials in state government were shunting foster care children into the “tender ministrations” of perverse LGBTQ arrangements. The Lord answered their prayers via two, or three - depending on how you count - mechanisms that I shall not elaborate upon.

It turns out this is not just a scandal in a blue state. It was confirmed by a man who related that the Biden Administration has been actively engaged in this activity nationwide when he related that thousands of like-minded people had been invited into the hierarchy of the foster care system of the USA.

But God…

But God…engaged the services of an 80-year-old widow and people who pray with her.

But God…engaged the services of an 80-year-old widow, whose husband (amongst the cloud of witnesses) must be very proud of her, to undertake asymmetric war-fare and care-for, on behalf of the most vulnerable, innocent children at risk of becoming victims of sexual predators.

The God who bled red, and was bruised black and blue, is employing a band of intercessors who will apply the oil of gladness and the incense of innocence to the borders of Oregon and the United States of America.

He cares for His - and our - foster children. Deeply.



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