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Hey Christian!

by John Hubble

Who are you? If you’re a Jesus-believing, Bible-reading, Spirit-filled offspring of humankind, the answer should be evident in your everyday Christian walk. You’re an infinitely kind, loving, God-fearing person who has compassion for all those around you. Right?

Well, maybe not exactly. You are a person molded by your past. The person you now reflect a multitude of life experiences and decisions you made along life’s walk. Not all those experiences and decisions were beneficial.

You are likewise a person being molded by life experiences and decisions you are making today. In time, as you reflect on these, you will know that they, too, may not have all been beneficial. You may also have known at the time that some of these would not be beneficial to you. In the future, you will be the person molded by life experiences and decisions you will be making then. As with the past and present, upon reflection or as they occur, you will know that these, too, will not all have been beneficial.

The past, present, and future, your experiences and your decisions, all play a role in molding you into the person you are now and the person you will be. You would do well to think about this. For you, Christian, somewhere along this continuum of time, you were called by God, introduced to Jesus Christ, and became a believer. You began your life’s walk with the Holy Spirit to guide you, Jesus, by your side.

God accepted you as you were, all the experiences you had, and all the decisions you made, and you became one among the forgiven. God forgave your innumerable sins. He took you under His wing. He made Himself personally available to you to help you become the person He designed you to be.

So are you allowing Christ's influence and the Holy Spirit's direction to mold you more into the image of Christ? Sure, we Christians have made mistakes and have stumbled along the way. The fact is, Satan has had an undesirable influence in our lives, and will continue attempts at this influence, contrary to God’s desire for us.

But think about this: the more we make the Lord Jesus just that, our Lord, the less influence Satan will have, and the more we Christians will become an image reflecting Christ’s presence within us. How do we do this? We keep Jesus on our minds. We keep our Bibles open, embrace Jesus’ teachings, and follow Him. You must make a conscious effort to do this, Christian. It doesn’t just happen. The Holy Spirit can give you the desire, but you must make the effort.

Will you resolve to better reflect an image of Christ’s presence in your life today? Who are you? Open your Bible, Christian. See.


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