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Radical Encounter with Jesus Christ

by Kevin Quezada of Newport

Winds of Praise: Briefly, tell us your testimony, your favorite scripture and why. I’m first-generation American. My family came from Mexico. We were a family of four up until around the age of 14 when my sister passed away. She was 12 then and from that moment on I had to learn how to be an only child. I was angry and hated the idea of God because of what I saw my sister go through, but my hate did not stop God’s love over me. I was not a Christian at all but around the age of 16 or 17 this lady named Barb, then-director of the local Young Life, invited me to a Young Life event. Long story short, I was not fond of the idea of becoming a Christian, but when I went to the Young Life camp that summer, I had a radical encounter with Jesus Christ that immediately made me want to come back as a new Christian, and tell all of my high school friends and family about Jesus.

After high school I became a missionary and student to learn more and more about the Word, and even went back to the Young Life camp. This was the camp where I gave my life to Jesus and volunteered at every summer since.

Now, five to six years since high school, I'm in a group, "Cherry City Worship" from Salem, with a bunch of people from all ethnic backgrounds who love Jesus and love having worship nights.

Winds of Praise: What brought you to Newport? Tell us about the prayer/worship room that you have started. Newport is where I’m originally from and I love it here. But there is definitely a need for people to hear about Jesus here; even those who are already Christians.

In March of this year the Prayer Room was another thing the Lord put on my heart. A verse that touched me deeply this year is Matthew 6:33: “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.” I love the mindset of seeking Jesus first; above everything, and not just that, but His Kingdom and His righteousness. Thank you, Lord, and help us all always remember to seek You first above all things. Amen.

I visited a Youth with a Mission (YWAM) school in Kona, Hawaii and they had this prayer room that was open 24 hours. The Lord came to me in a beautiful way. As I was sitting in the prayer room, I felt the Lord say, “this is a home for many to come and rest”. Over the next couple of hours I saw all types of people of all ages come and worship in different ways. Some people just walked in, sat down, and prayed. I got this strong sense that people needed a place like this back in Newport. To just open up a place where people can come, and either pray, get in the Word, sit in His presence, cry, or worship during the portion of live music. Back home, I gave this idea up to Jesus. It was God’s idea to begin with. He made things work out. The Prayer Room is located at the “For The King” (FTK) building in Newport, just north of the last stop light downtown; on the west side of the highway. Stop by on Tuesdays from 4pm-8pm. Sometimes we have live worship from 6 pm forward. Hope to see you there. Jesus loves you.



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