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What does it mean to be an active Christian?

By David Crayk,

Diamonds in the Rough Ministries

It is one thing to believe in God and another thing to be an active Christian. An active Christian believes but also carries out their beliefs in their everyday life. Being more active begins with the simple act of putting aside time, every day to focus on God. This includes studying and praying and pondering God’s message. Doing this helps you connect with God and deepens your relationship with Him.

Another way to be an active Christian is to be engaged spiritually with other people. It is important to bring God’s message into your relationships. You should be devoted to your spouse and family, while exhibiting Christian values such as forgiveness and reconciliation. Forgiveness is an important Christian principle. You can practice and learn forgiveness by forgiving those who are close to you. You can also forgive acquaintances, colleagues, and even strangers that you meet. Most importantly, you may have to practice forgiveness toward yourself.

Christian values lead those of faith to reconcile with the people with whom they have become estranged. When there is conflict, you can practice Christian values, like “turning the other cheek” and loving the other person.

Encouraging others to form a connection with God is a good way to support others in their personal walk with God. It provides a positive way to look beyond yourself and provide love, hope and support to the people around you.

Being an active Christian means looking beyond yourself. Outreach means connecting with others in your community and bringing the gospel to those that have yet to hear God’s message. It is also possible to provide outreach beyond your own community by participating in missions in other places or by performing outreach through the internet.

An active Christian knows it is important to spend time serving other people and the community. Service means helping your church family and people in your community who need support or are less fortunate. Ministries help each person to find a way to serve that suits their personality and God-given gifts.

The bottom line is an active Christian reflects on God’s Word, but also gives time and support to other people.


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