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Jasper's Jottings

by Jasper Cinnamon Bear Albright

Well, because it's a little awkward to announce your own birthday, to make a big deal out of it yourself, I have taken the task over, for a couple of animals in the family. (But it will have passed by the time you read this, unfortunately. I need to plan ahead for things like this!)

Yep, you guessed it, Bolt, my very congenial yellow lab "bro", turned 6 years old on March 14. Then a certain (oh, sheesh...) C-A-T who lives in the valley with the Albright's youngest daughter, has the SAME birthdate! "Bubba"—she calls him that most of the time; I won't disclose his real name—will be celebrating on the same day as my little bro. The family won't be holding a big twin party, but perhaps the celebrants can Facetime with a computer screen between them. Boltie got along with Scott and Kelli's Tux—God bless that kitty; he disappeared a few years ago. But who knows what Bubba would do? Probably best to keep a boundary.

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