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A Hundred Small Lights

By Terri Brummel

As I think of the Christmas season, my mind goes to lights: colored lights, clear lights, those that blink, are constant, and lights that blaze off and on with no apparent rhythm. In the Bible, our Lord is referred to as “the light of the world.” One small light in an area of complete darkness can give a sense of direction. The Lord is waiting to be the light of your world. Even the moon and stars, when seen in the evening sky gives an “ah ha” moment, God-wink, or a lightbulb moment when we answer a difficult question or solve a dilemma. Our Lord's birth brings a blessing of lights internally. 

A special Christmas blessing: my great- grandson Theodore's birth in March makes my family tree even brighter. These are a few of my favorite things: Christmas cards sent and received, cookies made for neighbors, shouts of “Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!” to all I meet, visits from family and friends, and photographs received and shared with anyone who will stand still –a nod to my friends at the post office and library. And there are Christmas lights (actually, all-year lights) that stay in place until March. They seem to say, “Let us brighten your world and put a song in your heart.”

Something that is truly a day-brightener is the news that my two-year-old great-grandson William is now in remission after being treated for leukemia. 

A special “HELLO” from Hachi and me. May your Christmas be especially bright this year.


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