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The Intenional "Quiet" Time

By Terri Brummel

The dictionary definition of the word "quiet" is:

1) Being in a state of repose; still; calm; motionless.

2) Free from turmoil, strife or alarm; tranquil, peaceful.

The time after chores are done or a few minutes in between, take time to just "be". Body, mind, and soul are relaxed--this is when we are rejuvenated, ready for the next thought--to dream a new dream. To remember a beautiful past. Look forward to a bright future.

How long has it been since you were so quiet you could hear your heartbeat? A GOD moment or two or three, a short prayer: "Lord, I have a problem". (And ...the reply comes): "Child, I have the answer". QUIET--LISTENING--BEING BLESSED--HOW AMAZING! This then becomes "The Blessed Quiet Time"!


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