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God's Beautiful World

By Terri Brummel

The world God has created for us, the vistas, and sounds of nature are breath-taking. I find words inadequate to describe the feelings that envelope me. All I caqn say is "Oh Heavenly Fahter, thank you!". In the Bible we are invited to "Sing for joy and shout aloud in gratefulness".

A song sung by Lous Armstrong in the early 1940's so beautifully talks of theis world---sing some of it with me:

"I see trees of green, red roses too---skies of blue, clouds of white. The brightness of day and the stars of night. Colors of rainbows, smiles of people saying, "How do you do?". I think to myself what a wonderful world".

The song brings to mind these things: the beauty in a smile; joy in a laugh; excitement in my morning walk with a cup of coffee in hand; contentment as the sun sets after a day of telling people to have a good or how can I help you. Remember, God loves you.

Each moment in our lives is a gift---let's use them wisely.


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