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A Little Corner

By Kelli G. Albright, POST Editor

None of us are getting any younger, but we will be brand new when we reach Heaven—the Bible tells us so. In the meantime, we need to make good use of our time as God leads. So Scott asked me to be a part of a new radio program, “The Co-Founders’ Corner” (Wed. at 7:30 am). We have taped four shows so far. If you didn’t catch it, the very first show was just Scott and myself talking about our early days of dreaming of starting a media ministry of some sort. I say “media ministry” because Scott is all about radio broadcasting and I’m into the printed word. Bits and pieces of our newlywed years in Central Oregon where a cable radio station was formed in a garage, due to the fact that the Christian radio station where Scott had worked had folded. That was in the garage of Dan Kennedy, who was Scott’s manager at the previous KSBC (Sonshine Broadcasting Co.) in Redmond. With that in mind, a cable radio station, Winds of Praise, was formed. After 40+ years, Scott discovered that Dan now lives in Benton County! So Dan was our guest on the second Co-Founders’ Corner. It was delightful to talk about the old days and what God has done.

Other guests have been Tammy Fernandez-West, a local Celebrate Recovery Inside ministry leader and Jamelle Villareal, the director of the Agape Respite Center. They both told their stories of redemption, bringing tears to our eyes. Stay tuned for more Co-Founders’ Corners with more folks from the community.

If you have been around Newport very long, you know that several local commercial radio stations have gone off the air. And the local newspaper has had to go to one issue a week. The times are a-changin’. A young adult recently told me that youth rely on their phones for communication and entertainment, such as music and online games. But what if that all went away? Hopefully, printed words and radio would still be alive. What can be more alive than God’s word? For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart (Hebrews 4:12 NIV). It is one way God’s Holy Spirit can teach us, direct us and yes, even warn us. 

Associate Pastor of Newport Foursquare Church and Waldport Foursquare Church Jeremy Parker shares his testimony and how the church was like an ER for both him and his wife, Sarah. Scott explains the most precious, free commodity. By writing his own parable, guest columnist David Crayk of Diamonds in the Rough ministries takes a look at the subject of friendship. An explanation of both time use and defining a “practical atheist” is addressed by John Hubble in “Hey Christian.” Terri Brummel recalls the ritual of spring cleaning when she was a young girl. The topic of when Judas left the table comes from Amy Schones’s pen. Jasper reveals that there are twin birthdays in the pet branch of the Albright family tree. Wanda Hesse observes getting closer to God and seeing how struggles are turned into good this month. Pastor Angel Moreno Torres tells why respect for third-person property is necessary for a good community.

Enjoy the spring season, with many special times with Jesus!



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