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By Kelli G. Albright, POST Editor

I was decorating a bulletin board at church last week. I had decided on a patriotic theme that would be appropriate and get some mileage over the next months: Memorial Day, Flag Day and Independence Day. As I worked, I thought of the UNITED States of America. Sadly, many current events on our own soil aren’t examples of Americans being very united. 

Looking on the brighter side, locally the Body of Christ has and is showing unity. In April, our little rural church hosted a women’s conference, with the keynote speaker coming from Washington, bringing messages of hope and joy. In the end, several churches were represented by those who attended. The worship team was blended, too, with gals from three churches. It wasn’t a “holy huddle” event and God certainly was the orchestrator of it all. 

Scott and I attended the National Day of Prayer gathering in early May at Newport City Hall. South Beach Church’s Pastor Luke Frechette began the time and then encouraged attendees from several churches (again) to speak out their prayers. 

Other examples of the Body of Christ coming together in cooperation: Newport Foursquare has opened its doors to South Beach Church, to use their building on Sunday mornings while SBC’s building project is underway. The South Beach Christian School is housed at Newport Christian Church completing almost two years there, run by a multi-church staff with students from many churches. The Naz church will be the venue for an upcoming concert, coordinated by Diamonds in the Rough’s and Winds of Praise’s Rob DuPrau. (Winds of Praise consists of multi-church backgrounds.)

And think about the multiple faith-based organizations in the county that link arms: Agape Respite Center, YoungLife, Safe Families for Children, The HUB, The Gathering Place, programs at the Salvation Army—the list goes on. 

David Wagner’s feature coming all the way from Washington, DC is titled “Transforming Conversations with Common Ground” and concerns the pro-life stance. Common ground, unity—another one of those Holy Spirit threads running through the POST, maybe?

Scott’s update deals with the Lord telling him that he is right where he (God) wants him to be. David Crayk writes about being an active Christian, thinking beyond ourselves. John Hubble examines time use and explains what a “practical atheist” is. Terri Brummel shares about her Heavenly Father and her earthly adoptive father. Amy Schones questions the reader “ your appeal to Christ an appeal of love?” Canine columnist Hachi P. Brummel writes about his boundaries regarding both a stuffed animal under his roof or dogs in the neighborhood. Pastor Angel Torres Moreno writes about virtuous mothers. 

Time to be thankful for, and be a witness of, God’s love in this multifaceted Body of Christ! 



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