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The Beginning and The End

By Kelli G. Albright, POST Editor

This is the last Christmas for some, you know. And for some, you may be the last ones to say, “I have seen salvation, which God has prepared for all people. Let me share Him with you.” - John Hubble

I borrowed the above from POST columnist John Hubble. Be sure and read "Hey Christian" for his complete thoughts. When will society really understand the true meaning of Jesus' birth, and realize Who is coming back?

Christmas 2022 was my dad's last Christmas. He was quickly slipping away and passed six days after, as if to stick around for his 95th birthday. Earlier, some of the family got to sing Christmas carols to him. He managed a tiny smile, his eyes never fully opening. But I know the angels rang in the new year in glorious fashion in Heaven when he arrived. 

Jesus had the most famous birth in history. Not fashionable at all, having had to be born in a stable. But He survived—did He ever survive. He also had the most famous death (and then resurrection). 

Getting back to society nowadays, what's this that abortions—taking a life—God's creation at that—can be done without parental consent and basically for free? And when a person who has lived all of their assigned days, the costs are exorbitant. It is a money machine.

During a special time of worship at church just yesterday, a friend got a text on her phone. She sprang up from her place and whispered, “I have to go.” Oh no, an emergency, I thought. She came back shortly after and asked to use the mic. With tears, she announced a granddaughter had just been baptized! A “second birth” had occurred! Her granddaughter had been born again; her decision to follow Jesus was confirmed by her getting “dunked.” And the gift of salvation from Him is FREE. 

In this issue, that most-famous birth story is the feature, taken from the First Nations Version, a Native American version. Scott catches his breath after a brisk dog walk to write about the special time of First Nations ministry that we just had with Jerry and Leslie Chapman and their multi-talented grandson, Presley. Tylan Greer shares about how to do biblically based marriage and family life. Terri Brummel shares about a few of her favorite things concerning Christmas, plus a couple of special praise reports. Wanda Hesse once again shares an encouraging message from her heart. Amy Schones shares biblical wisdom about how we need to watch our words. Pastor Angel Torres says our faith and hope in God is paramount during these most troubling times. 

May your Christmas be extra special this year, with a pure and thankful heart for all that He has done for us. 


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