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A Portrait of God: The Father

By Terri Brummel

This title has been in my head and on my heart for many months. I just couldn't seem to develop it any further. When I pray in public or at home, I always begin with “My Heavenly Father.” This always brings me to a point of quiet and comfort. I always end with “Thank you, Father.” I never knew my biological father and had at least two adoptive fathers in early in life.

The adoptive father that came into my life at six years old was a man of God who I adored. He was quiet and gentle and showed me daily his abiding faith and walk with his God. One of eight children, hard work as a logger and farmer was his lot in life. I knew instinctively that I could trust him and he would never hurt me. Now my own sons want to be fathers and grandfathers like him. 

The blessings in my life are many; but knowing and serving my Heavenly Father are the most important and fulfilling.


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