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Fed Up Lonely and Pretentious

By Tyland Geer

I’m sick and tired, and tired of being sick! Tired of being considered or rendered useless! Sick of the war against myself, against the Truth, sick of soulless, useless, and elaborate excuses. My soul you rest, the battle belongs to the Lord and the war has already been won.

I’m finally free, cuz of the day I chose Jesus, but now I’m scourged, tortured, chastised, slandered, and branded as religious?! Wait- -What!?! Jesus rebuked the Pharisees, yes, those who knew yet did not do the law. Guess that’s what happens when one judges and don’t know what the truth is. Of what the doing is. To know the truth we better read, fellowship, hear, meditate, and study the Word.

Jesus was the Word made flesh and dwelt among us (John 1:14). Calls us, invites us, intercedes for us, loves us, brings hope to us, and pulls us from our despair. Knows so intimately He even knows the number of hairs on our heads; formed us and knitted us in the oven of the womb.

I’m so sick and tired of not truly doing the doing and leaving my mess in the desolate and abandoned Tomb of Jesus. Oh, my soul be not in despair, arise for He is risen and oversees from the throne of His chair.

I’m considered ruthless, toothless, and awaited to fall because of the call; So uncovered in prayer I’ve tripped, stumbled, falling—fell—failed, and pitted to the depths of depravity without hope or care. This is a lie straight from the pit of hell. God help dust me off, I cast to Him all my cares (I Peter 5:7)! I know where my help comes from, so like a tree I remain planted in His light. In the succulence of His Shalom, like photosynthesis, He grows me, and I’m no longer a slave to fear. No longer alone. No longer hopeless, helpless, and in despair, but made complete in my brokenness because he broke Himself for me first. His blood cleanses and restores my soul. I recall. I remember. I commune with Christ as I pray his peace comforts me.

It's relationship over religion, so let’s get it straight—turn--next page. He’s pulling the shards from the log from my eyes, so with testimony let’s talk about the speck I see.

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. God said let there be light and it was so. As the sun at high noon, He stands at the door and knocks—open up the door of your heart and receive His grace. He’s sick and tired of you being sick and tired, so He offers rest when you receive Him.


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