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The Holy Land and Its Impartations

By Tyland Geer

Walking with the Spirit of God in the Holy land was an amazing experience. Trish and I were blessed to be able to go with our church family and other believers this past March to Israel. It is a blessing and honor to share some of our experiences in the Holy Land with you all. I will expound on only a few areas.

Ingala: In Ingala we were blessed to witness the crown of thorns, and the cave where David wrote the majority of the Psalms. I was blessed to find a rock there to remind me of the area and inspire me in my future writing. I personally have not had a lot of time to write a psalm there, or since coming back to the states, but I have ben led by the prompting of the Spirit to write about walking in the Spirit! This is such a major work, I was blessed to speak about it at DITR 3 weeks ago, but I have been prompted to go deeper. I am quite excited and feel richly blessed to continue this work. This will more than likely be my next article for WOP’s July-August edition! Stay tuned…

Sea of Galilee: Twas such a blessing not only for us to put our feet in the Sea of Galilee, we got a guided tour which concluded to be in the approximate location where Peter walked on water! Our hosts hoisted up the American Flag with the Israeli Flag at the beginning of our tour, then proceeded to play worship songs on the boat.

Garden Tomb: The peace that flowed outside of the Garden Tomb was truly the expression of the Shalom of heaven, which is the peace that surpasses all understanding. There was laughing, talking, and joy all around us as we were in line waiting to enter the tomb. When we were 10-15 people from going inside of Jesus’s Tomb, a silence, peace, and fell upon us. As I filmed my wife walking through the entrance, there was a sense of awe that consumed us, and only whispers could be uttered. Numerous photos were taken outside of the gated area where Jesus’s body had once laid.

Jordan River: The Holy Spirit prompted me to help Pastor Luke baptize our team in the Jordan River. I told Trish that I needed to go, and so I went out after a few individuals had been baptized. The peace that fell upon us while we were there was the tranquil and euphoric feeling of a peace I have never experienced until visiting The Tomb of Jesus. Being a part of my wife’s baptism was absolutely amazing!


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