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Guard thy Heart

Rebellion is relentless and still looms amidst being an ambassador for Christ Jesus. As we who believe know, the battle is not of flesh and blood, but rather spiritually contrived in times of testing. Being attuned Spiritually, old religious practices must cease in order for the Love of God to be evidenced.

Why turn or burn is a methodology that breeds a Frozen Externally Amidst Reality (fear) based response. Rebellion is the opposite response to what’s being asked. Turn or burn!? Where’s the fruit of the Spirit in the message? It is truth. Is it a reaction to a fear-based reality preceding the fear of the Lord if, by faith, our works are justified? What are works? It’s our worship, character, our words, deeds, and thoughts, which illuminate the light of Christ in us. All of our works are in response to God’s goodness, and to worship Him uncontrollably, unconditionally, and undeniably pure. Why? Because it’s a heart response. Where’s the love dispensed or eloquently disseminated in old fear-based practices? Truth is truth, and facts are facts, and planting seeds can be prosperous or denigrative. Selah.

Turn or burn, one may consider rationally, I should turn; however, I’d rather burn than turn becomes a pervasive reality. Why? We all sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God. God gives us mercy, yet it is unnatural to be merciful to our own selves amidst our own sins. There’s only one who can and does forgive sins. When faced with this truth we see God’s goodness, which leads to repentance. Selah. This truth then reveals a double-edged sword. “God could never forgive a sinner like me…” which allow for the tempter to torment through fear. Selah.

Perfect love casts out fear. Blessings and cursing come from the same mouth. Speak life. Conviction comes only by the Spirit of God, thus grieve not, or blaspheme, or vex the Spirit. God the Trinity must remain in the God spot, and we as His witnesses through our redemption in Christ Jesus, which our reflection must reflect. Easy to speak the Word of God, but Jesus lived it, and exemplified it to us; therefore, our response mirrors His. This is perpetual until the day of Christ Jesus because we have all fallen short of the glory of God.

The issues of life spring forth from the heart. How can we move forth without our hearts being properly attuned, and applying the Word of life? Jesus tells us to guard our hearts. Why? Because everything of our sinful nature and desires are attuned to earthly enticements. A beautiful creation and design is this thing called earth; however, the keys of Hades are at bay. Selah. Guard your heart.


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