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Harmony & Attitudes

by Hachi Brummel with Terri Brummel

In my neighborhood, there are many, many dogs. When one barks, we all bark. Sounds a lot like Wednesday choir practice. Occasionally a new voice chimes in, a little weak or out of tune, but soon there is harmony.

Jasper, Bolt, and I (Hachi) are currently on staff at the POST. With their voices blending, it occurs to me we need a name for the group. Some ideas:

  • POST Critters

  • Christian Critters (in case the cats join in)

  • Christian Pooches

Now, a word from my owner, Terri Brummel:

Hachi has an attitude that needs an adjustment—he likes to be the soloist at every singing. Sometimes, we humans need an attitude adjustment too. In other words, God loves all of us equally!


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