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"A-Printing We Will Go..."

As I once again started to type my monthly column for the POST, I was not certain as to where it would be printed. A couple of weeks ago I received an email from the publisher of the local News-Times, saying a main press operator had suddenly passed away, and their local presses, which had been running on a near-daily basis in the past year or so, were going to be shuttered. He noted the national shortage of similar trained operators. Thus, their own newspaper would be printed in Vancouver, and the POST would no longer come rolling off their presses. It was kind of a shock after nearly 20 years of doing business with them.

I reasoned that much of this change must be a sign of the times. Newspapers have shrunk substantially. Many read them online nowadays. Yes, but what about the times Scott and I have noticed a homeless person reading a copy of the POST, perhaps for the first time, being nudged to seek the Lord? And then there are the senior citizens who aren't "into" computers. They delight in getting the POST in the mail. A friend from out of state (who loves to write letters, too) mails her own copy to another friend, who also lives out of state. A "paper chain" (if you'll excuse the pun).

The POST first began as a 6-page desk top publication; produced at Pioneer Printing in Newport. With expansion (the advertising has paid to keep the lights on) and the desire for newsprint, we later approached the News-Times. Our staff of writers have shared their own faith journeys with transparency. I have worked with many composers over the years, exchanging hundreds of emails. Volunteers have traveled miles to distribute copies of the POST; then the mysterious COVID hit. It wasn't right for them to take the risk of going in and out of buildings at that point and so the blue newspaper boxes were bought, and are still in use.

As to the recent "what/when/where and how" the POST would now be printed, what you are reading is this: the "new" POST bi-monthly magazine! Thanks to Tim at Pioneer Printing in Newport for his patient expertise. We hope you enjoy it!



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