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April / May Radio Update

by Scott Albright

What is my dog’s favorite radio station? W-ALK

What’s my favorite radio station? Of course, KWPB 98.7 FM, Winds of Praise Broadcasting!

Bottom line is that I love to worship, as do many others. I love to be in the presence of God. What can be better than that? Nothing. Better than silver or gold, or anything. The best place to be in the entire universe can not be bought. It is a free gift to those who are simply hungry or thirsty for the love of the LORD.

So, when you come into the studio, you may notice something. With praise and worship playing continually, 24 hours a day, how can you not notice it? The Bible says our prayers and praises are like a sweet aroma unto God. To some, it is a pleasing aroma. Unfortunately, to some, it is the aroma of death. A reminder that they are perishing. This is NOT to say that I am holier that you. I am not. There is only One who is Holy and lived a sinless life. I am of course speaking about Jesus / Yeshua. You and I are in the same boat, traveling in circles only to end up perishing. But when we call out to Jesus when we believe in our hearts what He has done for us, when we acknowledge that without Him, there is no hope, he saves us from death. He is the only way. He says so. Do I understand all this? No. Do I believe Him? Yes. I know who I am. And I know that He loves even me. God is good. And His love endures forever! You can’t change that truth! It is and will always be.

Don’t buy into the LIE that you’re going to hell anyway, so you might as well give up. Jesus promises to save you. He promised to snatch you out. Be thankful for that! Give up to Him. Perhaps He will change you. Perhaps there won’t be time. But you will be saved. You will be completely new. I would recommend complete surrender. Bow your head and give Him your heart. Invite Him in, to fill you up with His Spirit and His love to overflowing! Go tell somebody!

And be encouraged. Find like-minded people. Worship God. He created you. He knows you. He loves you. He wants to be with you.

Listen to Winds of Praise. 24 hours a day. 98.7 FM. Read the POST!


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