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Radio Update

By Scott Albright

If you know me, you know that I in fact I MUST get up early. It’s my pattern. I go to bed early, and get up early, before dawn usually, before the birds start to sing.

When I first awake, I wonder what day it is. On this particular day, I realized it was Sunday. “O no!” I thought, “It’s Sunday.” And then I realized I had A LOT of work to do and that it was not something to look forward to but something I was responsible for doing. IT SHOULDN’T BE THAT WAY! But for me, it is. For now, anyway. 

And later in the morning, when I was praying, I heard the LORD say to me “You are right where I want you.” And that word is not for me only but it is for you too. IF God is in charge—and He is—we are not. We are called to be obedient. End of story. When God knows the time is right, He will act. My thoughts go to Scripture: “How long, O LORD?” But then I remember it is not MY will, but Yours, God. All glory and honor and power belong to You. When the time is ready, You will blow that final trumpet. When the time is right, You will release us. Until then, YOU are in control! You LORD see all things, know all things and You hear our cries, our prayers.

I want to quit. But God never does. I’ve had a scrap of paper for many years with the words “I am the disciples with no food,” “I am Saul, knocked down and blind,” “I am Gideon hiding,” “I am Joseph in the slave caravan,” “I DON’T KNOW HOW, BUT GOD DOES.” And then the simple words “FEAR NOT.”

On Monday (our day off), I LOVED it. I caught up on a bunch of stuff including a deep unfiltered talk with my wife Kelli. And I spent some time with my guitar and a few songs. So awesome. Once recently, while worshiping alone, I sobbed, which rarely happens.

God the LORD is in control. (There’s a song for that!) He is control of me and of you, if you let Him. He guides our steps. He knows. Listen to the radio when you get a moment. We broadcast at 98.7 FM in Newport. Stream online for free at, where we publish the bimonthly POST magazine. Willingly become one of His.


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