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Radio Update

By Scott Albright

“Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’, into the future…” I wanted to do that song recently—the Steve Swanson version of the original song by Steve Miller, but I couldn't get into its rhythm. A musician would understand. Time continues to fascinate me. The other day, I was impatient for 30 seconds on the microwave. Can you imagine? Think about that for a bit and then think just 40 years ago if you can. I actually can't remember our first microwave, but I do remember when we rented our first VCR in our early marriage years in Bend. 

I'm glad we're moving into 2024. I've been wanting to call it that most all of 2023. My theory on time is based upon the Einstein’s theory of relativity. Not that I understand Einstein, but I have tried to. As I understand it, he did all his work, thinking, while at his desk. He imagined sitting at a train depot, watching a train go round the track, like a toy train in your home going around in circles on a finite track. Then he imagined a boy inside that train, taking the ride. The boy would actually travel a distance on the train, while the observer (Einstein) remained still in his chair at the depot. Time was different for each person. And so, Einstein expanded that thought and went into outer space, and came up with the Theory of Relativity. I'm sure it’s more complicated than that, but it’s what I can understand. 

And so, my theory: the older you get, the harder your brain gets (like your body ages). The harder your brain gets, the more you move away from fresh thought, and you then experience time differently. The more you move away from your brain, the quicker goes the time. I suppose it’s kind of like my theory on AI. I think it stands for Anti-Christ. Think about it. 

All to say is that time is zipping by. I am so blessed to be here, today, and to experience life as it comes every day. Thank you so much to Jerry and Leslie Chapman, and Presley Tallbut, and Mary Beth Nickle, and Dan Lundy, and Rebekah Borden, and drummers LaRita Lundy, Mike Darcy, Rocky Hoyness, Angela Rabideau, Kelli Albright, and sound A/V help Parker Saddonis, and all the worshipers regularly there, and those who came for the special event. Thanks for worshiping at Sacred Ground in Siletz. 

Jerry and Leslie, and (Original Artwork) Dr. Suuqiina, thank you for the album cover. And thank you to Martin Neil, in Wales, for producing the album. And PLEASE go to and look up Jerry Chapman, Wake Up Sleeping Giant. You can see video on my (Scott Albright) YouTube page.

Read God's Word. If you are short of time, read the first chapter of the Bible in Genesis, and then the last chapter, in Revelation. And listen to Winds of Praise in Newport at 98.7 FM, online at and right here in the POST.


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