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December Radio Update

We are celebrating a new era of POST! This is now our second “magazine.” You might know the story, we have been printing a “newspaper” for many years. But, out with the old, in with the new! I might add that the comments have all been favorable! Folks seem to like the new format, and I always defer the praise to editor Kelli and I know that she is happy to defer the praise to the LORD!

It reminds me of many years ago, when we were in the downtown area, we moved our studio location due to a power outage in the old electrical box. No one else’s electrical box fried, just ours! It is testimony to the fact that God uses bad things to bring something fresh and wonderful.

And so we are in the current location at SeaTowne, and we are now on the verge of a studio transformation. Our Father in heaven has provided the funds necessary to get new paint and furniture and a new look. The anointing of the LORD is in this place, and we pray regularly that HIS presence and glory is being revealed! We definitely know that God's anointing can not be bought. It is there because He dwells within us. Everywhere we go, He goes. We may want to think its because of us, but often, it is in spite of us! He gives grace, and He gives mercy: what we do deserve, we don't get, and what we don't deserve, He gives! Because He loves us so much! As Kelli says in her column this month, it is “for such a time as this!”

In studying for a teaching message, I'm in the book of Joshua, as I've heard others are too, and I'm impressed with the presence of the LORD. He is neither on our side, nor the “other” side, but He wants us to be on HIS side! He has a perfect plan and will that is being carried out. HE commands the heavenly armies. HE can defeat with a hailstone if He so pleases. What do we do? Obey Him. Each time. His Word is full of specific directions for us today and He also leads us and teaches us specifically by His Spirit.

We must also remember that we are given examples in the Bible history and that now, “our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Ephesians 6:12 NIV).

Are you on God's side?

Our radio broadcast can be heard in Newport at 98.7 FM and online at And you can read the testimonies and articles in the POST magazine! It's all to the public for free. We give because He gives to us. And if you'd like to be in the background and gift an amount to help in these endeavors, we are a non-profit group and your help would always be appreciated! Winds of Praise, PO Box 491, Newport OR 97365.


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