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November Radio Update

There are six things the Lord hates—no, seven: haughtiness, lying, murdering, plotting evil, eagerness to do wrong, a false witness, and sowing discord among brothers.

That comes from Proverbs 6. A list of things. 6 wait, 7 things!

How do you come clean from these things? Ask God to forgive you, and thank Him for His wonderful grace and mercy. The Word says if you are sincere in such a prayer, He will give you a new heart! And then, believe me, it is an ongoing process. Refine my heart. Cleanse my heart. Make me new AGAIN. And He does. And if you think you have it all together, watch out. You've undoubtedly heard "pride comes before a fall". That is also from Proverbs, chapter 16.

So why was I thinking of this? Its because I have reaffirmed to myself that I do well to make lists. So that I can do the things, and check them off my list. Instead of constantly, having something roll around in my thoughts, I write it down. Besides, it is a fact that as we age, we tend not to be as sharp as we used to be. Help me Lord, to remember to do this!

I continue to appreciate my brothers and sisters, as different from one another as can be. But we all are needed. We all represent a valued point of view. We are all children of God. Some just havn't acknowledged it yet. Instead, they get lost in the things of the world, and fall prey to the same said agenda. I just heard a pastor lead his congration in a confession of sins. And in his talk, he remarked that life is too short to hold a grudge or to be bothered by the actions of others. I guess others have sung about the man in the mirror. In other words, take care of your own failings and shortcomings before you start coming after mine. Do for others what you would have them do for you. Pray for your enemies! Actually love your enemies! Hard stuff? Yes, but its what Jesus taught.

My style of operation is way different than yours. But I will not demand my own way. But if and when you ask, please let me finish my thoughts. Let's work together!

We are still transitioning at the radio station, turning an old system into new. And now, we have a new POST as the old format suddenly stopped, out of our control. It's kind of like life in general. No matter WHAT we face, we keep our eyes on Jesus, on our Father, acknowledging that He dwells in us and guides us and comforts us by His Spirit!

Thank You God, for all that You have done. Thank You God that Your greatest gift to us is Yourself! You are our reward!


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