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Radio Update

By Scott Albright

I have decided that I love my tuning fork. What in the world is that? "the tuning fork can be carried about in a pocket and is guaranteed to emit the same note every time it's struck" according to a website. It is absolute. Mine is an A note. I can count on it. It doesn't require batteries. It looks like a two-pronged fork. To demonstrate it, I pulled it out of my pocket the other day and struck the countertop while my daughter Emily and I were in a grocery store waiting for service. Suddenly, a store alarm went off! I had no idea what started the alarm, but perhaps the system thought I was trying to break the glass!!

But my tuning fork is dependable. Thank you Kelli for gifting it to my one year at Christmastime!

What else is dependable? Of course, God. His Word. His presence. We do our best to seek Him, even though we stumble and fall. God knows us. And when we finally give up, and surrender everything to Him, He says NOW, NOW, I can use you. Isaiah did it in his vision of God on the throne. "I am a man of unclean lips". Peter did it in his encounter with Jesus on the fishing boat. "Depart from me, for I am a sinner". I remember the first time I was ever asked to help pass the plate during an offering, and I declared silently "but I am a sinner...don't you know who I am?". But God DOES know who we are. In Isaiah, the scripture says 'We all, like sheep, have gone astray'. And when we come to the end of ourselves, we can finally be used.

In my lifetime, I have wanted to be used. When it is all said and done, that is what I want. I want to be remembered as one who allowed God to work. It is certainly not because I am able or talented, although the LORD has created me with attributes that He wants me to use. In 1997, we didn't begin the radio station out of our skills. We simply knew that it could be done and that God put the desire into our hearts. In Him, all things are possible! And as we continue to progress, He still gets all the credit and praise. I certainly don't understand computers as some do. I hear music. I hear songs. The other day, I was in the station a couple of hours before one of my friends arrived to pray, and I realized, 'I haven't prayed yet!'. But I was in God's presence, worshiping, and therefore praying in my own way. I was hanging out with the Creator of the universe!

You are invited to listen to Winds of Praise anytime! In Newport, it's the best, because you can get the broadcast at 98.7 fm. But anywhere, you can stream the station at And you can certainly enjoy this magazine any time you want. If you don't have a physical copy, go to the website, and pass it along from there.

There is nothing better or greater than God. And you can enjoy Him now. Just ask Him.


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